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Allen Legal is a private law firm serving the legal needs of both individuals and businesses.  The firm provides high quality legal advice and representation in connection with several practice areas.  In addition to the firm's local litigation practice, the firm has a nationally respected niche practice assisting call centers with telemarketing law and federal compliance matters.  Most of Allen Legal's work involves one of two broad practices areas:   national marketing law & compliance; and general commercial and civil litigation.  The firm is located in Salt Lake City.

Allen Legal has advised numerous business clients across the country regarding complex legal compliance issues, and has successfully represented individuals and businesses in court where vast sums of money were at stake.  Allen Legal successfully tries numerous cases to verdict each year.

 Intelligent businesses and individuals want a law firm that will provide more effective, efficient service.  Allen Legal gets the job done quicker, better, and at a lower cost to the client.  So whether you need sophisticated compliance advice, or an aggressive litigator in court, Allen Legal is the smart choice.

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